For the daily workshop and office work some standard documents are needed. Here some examples we use in our workshop:


  An example for a weekly workplan.
  It helps us to keep the overview and reminds us on unfinished work. In addition to this the
  workplan will send every Friday to the hospital management for information
        1 page        36 KB      download
        1 page        36 KB      download
        1 page        36 KB      download


  On this service-card the repair and the maintenance work is documented. It belongs to the
  equipment while the equipment is in the workshop and is the basis for issuing the bill
  after the equipment is brought back to the customer.
        1 page        39 KB      download
        1 page        15 KB      download
        1 page        30 KB      download

Engineering Paper

  Often needed but only rarely available: Engineering papers for technical drawings and
  The paper size for all is A4 (210 mm x 297 mm).
  Engineering Paper, blue   1 page        7.5 KB      download
  Engineering Paper, grey   1 page        7.5 KB      download
  Engineering Paper, red     1 page        7.5 KB      download
  Squared Paper, 5x5         1 page        5.2 KB      download
  Squared Paper, 5x5, dots 1 page        11 KB       download
  Stripboard, 1", dots         1 page        26 KB       download

Service labels

  CCBRT-Workshop equipment labels for finished maintenance.
  With the sticker on the equipment the customer easily can see when the last maintenance
  was done. And of cource it is good advertising for us.
        1 page      27 KB      download

Repair Instructions - Best Practice

  What makes a good repair service. Ten rules.
        1 page      30 KB      download

Maintenance Contract

  The CCBRT-Workshop contract as a sample for a contract betwen a workshop and a hospital
  for planned maintenance.
        3 pages      64 KB      download

Workshop Profile

  A brief description what service the workshop offers to the customer
        2 pages      72 KB      download

ELCT-Hospital Maintenance Policy

  An example for a definition of hospital maintenance. It explains what maintenance is, the
  advantages, the costs and which work is covered.
        15 pages      54 KB      download

Service-Card, german

  An example for a german service-card
        1 page      575 KB      download

LibreOffice 4.0 - Getting Started Guide

  Getting Started Guide
        390 pages      12.1.0 MB      Download

LibreOffice 4.0 - Impress Guide

  Working with Presentations
        264 pages      10.6 MB      Download

LibreOffice 4.0 - Writer Guide

  Word Processing with Style
        468 pages      12.2 MB      Download

LibreOffice 4.1 - Calc Guide

  Working with Spreadsheets
        446 pages      12.1 MB      Download

LibreOffice 4.1 - Draw Guide

  Working with Vector Graphics
        215 pages      10.0 MB      Download