First some books about Biomedical equipment in general. They are highly recommended especially for all technicians in low-income countries.
More specific documents you may find in the Equipment categories.
Then some Medical books follow.

Biomedical equipment

Biomedical equipment  

Maintenance and Repair of Laboratory, Diagnostic Imaging and Hospital Equipment

      141 pages      4.9 MB      download

Introduction of all (basic) equipment you find in the hospitals in developing countries. Excellent entry in hospital technology.

Maintenance Manual for Laboratory Equipment

      172 pages      5.1 MB      download

Manual de Mantenimiento para Equipo de Laboratorio

      208 pages      4.6 MB      download

Manuel d'entretien et de maintenance des appareils de laboratoire

      170 pages      2.9 MB      download

Even better book but just for laboratory equipment. Newer and more detailed as the above mentioned. Has also good explinations of the principle functions, operator instructions and tips and hints for the maintenance and repair.

Manual of Basic Techniques for a Health Laboratory

(only the technical chapter)

      114 pages      3.3 MB      download

Manual of Basic Techniques for a Health Laboratory

(full edition)

      398 pages      6.7 MB      download

In principle a book for laboratory assistants in developing countries. But specially the first part of the book describes basic repairs and maintenance procedures for the lab equipment. An interesting addition to the first two books.

Care and Safe Use of Hospital Equipment

      200 pages      2.9 MB      download

The VSO bible for basic hospital equipment. Excellent entry in the repair and the maintenance of hospital equipment. A must for technicians in developing countries.

Medical Equipment Maintenance Manual

      79 pages      3.6 MB      download

Rough overview of hospital equipment maintenance. Made for all equipment users in the hospital but also helpful for beginners in hospital equipment technology. Published by the Ministry of Health, New Delhi.

Core Medical Equipment

      56 pages      1.9 MB      download

The WHO fact sheets display the most important types of medical equipment, the health problems addressed by the devices, the operation procedures, its typical size, weight and price range, and infrastructure requirements for effective and safe use.

Equipamentos Médico-Hospitalares e o Gerenciamento da Manutenção

      722 pages      4.4 MB      download

Exemplary reference book published by the Brazilian Ministry of Health. The book contains everything you have to know about hospital equipment. Lucky those who speak Portuguese...

How To Make Basic Hospital Equipment

      88 pages      7.5 MB      download

About how to build basic mechanical equipment. From blood transfusion stands to wheel chairs. The book is from the 70s but the equipment is still needed today.


Anatomy & Physiology

  Openstax College
        1358 pages      40.5 MB      download

Basic Human Anatomy

        255 pages      1.9 MB      download

Basic Human Physiology

        307 pages      1.7 MB      download

Basic Medical Terminology

        204 pages      1.2 MB      download

Human Physiology

        432 pages      5.8 MB      download

Introduction to Medical Terminology

        744 pages      21.8 MB      download

Where there is no Doctor

  David Werner
        503 pages      6.3 MB      download

Donde no hay doctor

  David Werner
        512 pages      6.6 MB      download

Where there is no Dentist

  Murray Dickson
        pages      8.6 MB      download

Donde no hay dentista

  Murray Dickson
        326 pages      9.4 MB      download

Where Woman have no Doctor

  Burns, Lovich, Maxwell, Shapiro
        600 pages      8.8 MB      download

For more books, have a look here.