Water Quality Test in our Hospital

In February 2010 we, the technicians of CCBRT-Hospital, made a water quality test.
Several different waters were collected and the conductivity were measured.
The measurement results are mentioned in ÁS/cm.

The conductivity is the benchmark for the water quality for technical applications.
According international standards the required value should be less than 30 ÁS/cm for sterilizers and less than 10 ÁS/cm for car batteries.

DAWASCO (local water provider, tap water) 249
Rain water (from CCBRT rain water tank) 130
Well water (from CCBRT well water tank) 1616
Rain water 14

Commercial distilled water
Distilled water I (Duma) 189
Distilled water II (Msasani) 103
Distilled water III (unknown) 185

Commercial drinking water
Cool Blue 62
Kilimanjaro 258
Uhai 226

1. No commercial distilled water is distilled water. They are just normal tap water. Even
    'Cool Blue' drinking water is better than the commercial 'distilled' ones.
2. Rain water is by far the best water for technical applications.
3. CCBRT rain water tank contains a mixture of tap water and rain water.
4. Rain water does not reach the requirements for car batteries, but is close to and anyway
    much better than the 'distilled' water which is sold in car accessories shops.

    Only (filtered) rain water should be used for the maintenance of car batteries.
    Only (filtered) rain water can be used for running sterilizers.
    The rain water tanks at CCBRT-Hospital may not filled up with tap water.
    In order to use rain water all year round, the rain water tanks at CCBRT-Hospital should
     be enlarged.